An interesting fact, but the number of followers on Instagram is not too influenced by the attendance of the page, the demand for products and services. Increasingly, Instagrammers with 5,000 followers have a higher audience activity than big-name bloggers with millions of followers. On average, one such simple user gains several hundred likes and comments on his posts. These are not unsubstantiated statements, but facts confirmed by statistics. The explanation for all this is simple – the account has the right target audience. It is interesting to readers, they are genuinely interested in the life of the user or brand, are involved in viewing and show maximum response. But if you’re just starting your journey as a blogger, it’s worth to buy instagram followers.

How to determine your target audience

To successfully promote your account, you need to know clearly who needs it and who is interested in it. In other words, you need to determine your target audience. Finding your target audience is a work in progress. First, you take the time to identify your key metrics and track them, and then you get the maximum response from your target audience. If you know who needs your product or service, who might be interested in your posts, it will be much easier to promote your page. After all, any methods of promotion, you will be able to direct exactly to the users from your TA, and accordingly and significantly increase their effectiveness.

TA for the store

The problem of promotion is not only to be able to properly deliver your message to the client, but also to learn how to distinguish it from and a million other users. By offering everything to everyone, you are, in fact, not working with anyone. Why this is important is easiest to explain with an example. Let’s say you’re in the business of selling sportswear for women. Of course, you can work with all women, choosing, for example, the age range of 20-40 years old. Or you can think more specifically and divide this category into several more segments, defining for yourself a clear portrait of the client and what he needs.

  • Women who do fitness and buy uniforms for exercise. They care about looking good and staying healthy, so in advertising they are looking for confident, well-groomed and healthy women who can boast of perfect shapes. It only remains to hint that all this thanks to sport and a new beautiful sports uniform, in which it is so comfortable that even haughty models will not spoil the mood, and will want to start exercising immediately, and not, as usual, from Monday.
  • Professional athletes. They spend a large part of their life in the gym. For them, comfort is most important, that’s why they are very picky about details. As a rule, they already own a lot of sportswear, but they are always on the lookout for the perfect quality model. In this segment, rationalism rules, so, first of all, you need to show why this form deserves attention, what technology was used in its manufacture, to argue the benefits.
  • Women for whom sportswear is a part of everyday images. In this case, it will be necessary to demonstrate the clothes sold in stylish urban images, to show how beneficially it can be combined with various accessories, how attractive and practical it looks.

As you can see, only by choosing the right TA will it be possible to create a marketing strategy that will hit the target. This way you can quickly gain organic instagram followers and develop the popularity of your brand. Using additional services will help you achieve great results, so it’s worth learning how to use additional tools.