Today we will talk about the wonderful shooter CS:GO. It is a very popular game, which is played both by children and adults. CS:GO has very nice graphics. Also in the game there are a lot of different options relating to targeting, interface and graphics. Each player can adjust the game to suit himself. Once you have installed and entered the game you will need to go through training, which will give you the basic knowledge. After that you should play a few games to get level 3 of the Private Rank. 

Then you will be able to play in competitive mode, and after 10 wins you will get the rank. Rank plays a big role in CS:GO. After all, if it was not, then in competition mode against the beginner could get a professional player. Also, the game has achievements. If you pass all the achievements, you’ll be given gold medals that can decorate your profile. Also in the game there are skins. Skins can be expensive and cheap. You can find them here

What you should know about CS:GO

To get skins, you can buy them on the trading floor or get them after the completion of any match. You can also open a case and get a skin. Some cases are very cheap, but keys are expensive from $2. Also, it is not guaranteed that you will get a good skin, and you will not lose. But despite these skins are very popular. Also, the skins can be a souvenir and stattrak. Souvenir skins are very expensive they can be obtained in the souvenir case. So there is also stattrak. It can be obtained in any case. Stattrak is distinguished by the fact that the inscription appears with the number of kills.

If you do not have internet, then you can play CS:GO with the bots. You can choose any map and specify the complexity of the bot. Also, CS:GO has a lobby where you can invite your friend and play together. As well as in all CS:GO games there are cheaters. But Valve has a special anticheat, called VAC. This anti-cheat finds and blocks cheaters. Also in CS:GO there is a place where you can watch the various matches and look for cheaters. But in order to have fewer cheaters in the game you need to get a prime account. Thanks to him you will play almost without cheaters. And to get it you need to earn 21 levels of private rank. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of those famous names, that almost everyone knows about. Yes, everyone knows about CS, but GO became free relatively recently, and until then it was sold for money. You can still buy Prime status for it, which filters out players when picking teams and gives you an extra loot, but the base game is free. Also for the money sold a lot of in-game content like skins for weapons, but it’s the choice of each player, which does not affect the gameplay mechanics. 

If you want to get access to such goods, you can use This will help you get more useful items and choose the most attractive skins. You can choose and buy those items that will help you complement and diversify your gameplay. Use these tips to take your gameplay to the next level.