Free Flat UI Icon Sets

As we all know nowadays all over the online website industry flat themes have acquired the whole world due to its simpleness and catchy quality. There is a sudden increase in the use of flat themes, icons, designs from the last few months.

Android Lollipop UI Kit PSD

As we all know someday’ before the new version of Android is launched with some of the advanced functions. The functions make the easy use of the mobile. Even some of the advanced multi-tasking option makes it one of its.

Best Icon Fonts

Fonts have quickly become the fad, particularly in terms of labor drained Photoshop, and there is an inordinateness of font designs which will be accessed to serve varied functions. identical will be same of icon fonts. What ar icon fonts? they’re essentially fonts, however, they’re created of symbols and glyphs, rather than letters or numbers.What are the benefits of victimization icon fonts?

Best Cursive Script Fonts

Cursive script fonts are obtainable in several style and designs. These fonts are very fashionable since they represent basic handwriting pattern with a springe of art. you’ll be able to get pleasure from longhand fonts free ttf download from many sites, and these fonts will then be utilized in Photoshop. In fact, with little effort, it becomes simple to experiment with these fonts. If you…

Inspirational Letterhead PSD Designs

Adobe Photoshop is one in all the foremost wide used graphics editor within the world. Photoshop Document or PSD is that the normal save format within the program and since the designer will work with individual layers of the files even when they need to be been saved, it permits for the creation of fantastic word letter paper templates.