If you’re planning on getting a taxi from Benidorm to Alicante airport, it’s important to know how to get the cheapest rate. Using a kiwitaxi will help you avoid the stress of finding an empty seat, but there are some things you should keep in mind before booking one. The following tips will help you choose a kiwitaxi.

Getting a taxi from Benidorm to Alicante Airport

The easiest way to get a taxi from Benidorm is to order one before you leave the airport. Whether you’re arriving at the airport early in the morning or late at night, there is always a taxi waiting for you. This will take you straight to your hotel or a nearby destination. Hiring a taxi before you leave the airport will save you the hassle of dealing with taxi ranks and public transport.

Private transfer passengers will be met by a driver or representative upon arrival at the airport. If you are travelling with a larger group, you may need a people carrier. Alternatively, you can book a shuttle bus which can carry more passengers. Shuttle buses are ideal for groups of friends visiting for a weekend or hen or stag parties. Regardless of how you choose to travel, make sure to plan your journey well ahead to avoid the last minute rush.

Getting a taxi from Benidourm to Alicante Airport is easy. Just remember to ask the driver to wait for you at a designated meeting point when you arrive. He will help you with your luggage and will offer recommendations for things to do in Benidorm while you’re there. The price is usually fixed and will take about 40 minutes in normal traffic.

Taking a shuttle bus from Alicante airport to Benidorm will take about 45 minutes and cost EUR80. However, you can save money by booking the shuttle bus in advance, as it’s cheaper than hiring a taxi at the airport. Alternatively, you can take a private shuttle bus from Alicante airport directly to Benidorm.

Alicante is a safe city, but taxis can be unreliable, so it’s best to reserve your car in advance. Many taxis are unlicensed and uninsured, so make sure to get a taxi with a licensed driver to avoid getting ripped off. Make sure to research different taxi services before booking one to avoid being taken for a ride.

Getting a kiwitaxi from Benidorm to Alicante Airport

While official taxi services are cheap, a kiwitaxi is a cheaper alternative. These private vehicles use licensed drivers and are no older than seven years old. Drivers are required to undergo a thorough inspection before operating in the city. They also provide better comfort and service than official taxis. Once at the airport, the driver will wait for you and assist you with checking into your hotel.

If you are traveling alone, a Kiwitaxi will be the cheapest option. The bus will drop you off at any of the official tourist accommodations, and there is ample space for your luggage. These buses run frequently and are the most affordable option for a one-passenger to get from Benidorm to Alicante Airport. However, it is important to note that buses leave the airport at different times, which means you can’t buy a ticket ahead of time.

To get a Kiwitaxi – https://kiwitaxi.com/ from BeniDorm to Alicante Airport, you can visit the nearest kiwitaxi stand. There, you can see the driver’s name and surname on the sign of the vehicle. Just fill out the form with your details and start receiving the best offers from local transfer companies. You can also request a return transfer immediately.

A kiwitaxi can take you from Benidorm to Alicantes Airport at an affordable cost. Getting a kiwitaxi from Benidorm to Alicante Airport will not cost you a fortune, but you will need to pay a bit more than you would for public transport. Nonetheless, it is a quick and easy way to get to a popular resort.

The Benidorm bus station is located in the city entrance on the north side of Benidorm. This bus will take you to the center and the resort areas. The journey will take approximately 20 minutes and costs 1.5 euros. In case you don’t want to pay more than that, you can also opt for a taxi from the airport to your hotel. If you’re traveling alone, a minibus would be a better option than a taxi.