Lawyers often understand the importance of a marketing plan, but do not take steps to implement it. You can sit in the same place for years and dream, but you cannot achieve results without real actions. If you have reached a certain level and there is no understanding where to go next; if your company has lowered profitability, if the work in the company goes, but you don’t feel its effectiveness, then a competent marketing plan will help you with all these problems. The best way to build a competent marketing plan is to hire a law firm marketing company.

Marketing plan and its components

  1. Analysis. Without a detailed analysis of the situation you will not go far. It is necessary to study competitors, potential customers and their behavior. Many people believe that they are well aware of the situation, but this is a delusion. It is necessary to sit down and fix all + and – of competitors in details. Then work out the behavioral factors of customers, their pain and desires. Without a detailed analysis – you will not see the real world.
  2. Goals. The goal is to achieve your desire. This is your destination. It is foolish to travel, if not determined the place of arrival. The more specific and clearer the goal is, the easier will be the way.
  3. Strategy. Register the course of your plane so it will fly. Legal business without strategy – wandering in the dark. There is nothing to write and invent. The basis of the analysis and the goal. Ideal brainstorming, and on its basis to create a strategy. It’s easier to work with a lot of information.
  4. Tactics. Work out a strategy in more detail. Determine the dates and intermediate points. At this stage, go through each branch of the strategy and work out possible outcomes and plans.
  5. Control. Identify the process of control and responsible people. If you do not control the process in terms, volumes and finances, then the plan can get out of control. A lawyer who loses control over the promotion of his services is doomed to failure.
  6. Legal business is a highly competitive niche. There is no place for laziness and dreams. Cold calculation and control – the key to success. Lawyers, or legal companies that work out the marketing plan and start its implementation, will win an unconditional victory over their competitors.

A marketing plan is a tool with serious potential for real improvement in a company. It should emphasize the role of its competent development. It is very important to be able to develop a marketing plan, characterized by a clear structure, logic, conciseness and evidentiary conclusions, following which, you can count on a quick effect and long-term result.

When analyzing the activities of your company, it is necessary to go from the general to the particular, i.e. – first study the macroenvironment, which globally affects your business, then narrow the range of issues to a specific market for your product or service, then again – focus on your customers, competitors, intermediaries. Finally, analyze in detail the activities of your company – its place in the market; product pricing and much more.

The conclusions from the previous stage are passed through the prism of quantitative and qualitative SWOT, after which the development directions of the company arise, about which, perhaps, you had no idea, and the ideas known to you will be convincingly confirmed, or rejected, or reworked.

Further, in accordance with the conclusions, the general development strategy can again be developed first. Then, goals for the period (usually for a year) can be proposed and, in accordance with the goals, specific recommendations will be offered to improve product, sales, advertising, pricing policies, etc. Thus, the law company will become more efficient, its products will be in demand, the client will be loyal, which will eventually lead to an increase in profits – the ultimate long-term goal of any business.