Why don’t we always achieve our goals? Often we just lack the right motivation! To get a better idea of what motivates you, here’s a simple exercise. Pick a wish or goal that you want to achieve in the near future or six months to a year ahead. Have you chosen? Now list and write down on the sheet 10 reasons why you want to do/get it? Motivation is the driving force that drives us to action. It’s the clear meaning of your goal and the reason why the goal is worth pursuing. Goals and desires are different for all of us, but if there is no motivation to achieve what you want, it will be almost impossible to realize it. You can also find interesting solutions for CS:GO here.

Main types of motivation

  • Positive motivation – a person does something in order to get something. For example: we’re pumping up our skill to end up winning the next tournament. 
  • Negative motivation is when a person does something out of fear, just so that something undesirable will not happen. For example: doing homework, only so that parents do not forbid playing on the PC. Sometimes negative motivation is stronger than positive motivation, it is more intense, but not long-term, its effect quickly passes. It is like a bright flame: it burns stronger, but burns out faster. Under the influence of this motivation you can get a poor result, doing it very quickly and not very well, or burn out before the goal is achieved.
  • External motivation – you do something to be praised, given a medal, applauded. The essence of this motivation is to get recognition from the people around you. Under the influence of this motivation, athletes participate in competitions, and movie actors act in movies. External motivation is always associated with the reaction of other people.  For example: did the task of the coach – very high quality, in order to make the coach happy with the result.
  • Internal motivation is based on getting something only for yourself. Something that is important to you personally, regardless of reward, judgment, or praise. For example, when you do something and no one knows about it at all, but you still enjoy it, it means that you are intrinsically motivated. For example: you play practice cards because you want to be better today than yesterday.
  • Stable motivation leads everyone through life, dictated by basic needs. For example: if being a leader is important to you and you are an ambitious person, you will always strive to take the position of captain and guide your teammates.
  • Temporary unstable motivation – works when something needs to be done urgently, right now. For example: take part in a competition in order to win free training.

Now go back to the points you wrote at the beginning of the exercise and analyze each point, what type of motivation it refers to. Everything has to be in balance. You can’t, for example, use only negative motivation. Motivation can be a single type as well as a mixed type. It’s not a good thing, nor is it a bad thing. But the fact is, the better you understand what motivates you and keep it in your head, the greater will be the effect and it will be easier for you to achieve your goals. Having a clear understanding and awareness of your motivation is your best engine forward to all your accomplishments.

If you think you can’t do something, you don’t have the energy to do it and so on, then you just don’t want to. It’s not how much effort you put in, it’s how effective you are in getting the results you want! You also have to keep an eye on maintaining your interest in the game. For example, you can find quality upgrades for CS:GO at.