Today Burger King is the second most famous and visited fast food restaurant chain in the world. At least one (usually much more) institution Burger King is available in any of the numerous states of the U.S. and in 56 different countries around the world. The annual revenue of the brand is now about two and a half billion dollars. On specialized websites, such as, you can even buy gift cards. Let’s find out how it all started.

The history of the brand

The history of the brand dates back to 1954. At the end of the first post-war decade, when the world recovered a little from the general destruction and overcame the crisis, people began to spend money with great pleasure as they wanted to live in their own pleasure. David Edgerton and James McLamore, enterprising Florida Americans, decided to take advantage of this situation. Their plan was to create the most successful chain of fast food restaurants.

The businessmen knew who would be their main competitor and with whom they would have to deal. Before starting to create their first restaurant, they visited McDonald’s, which was already quite popular at that time. Some ideas on how to organize the process were taken exactly from a competitor, namely the equipment and the process of making a hamburger. The first of the chain’s restaurants appeared more than 60 years ago – in early winter 1954. At that time it was called Insta-Burger King. Facility’s peculiarity was fixed prices for all products. Simply put, each menu item was worth absolutely the same. By the way, the prices were slightly higher than the average price at McDonald’s.

Several years after the restaurant’s rather successful existence, one of the most famous burgers at the moment – Whopper – was introduced into its menu. A whole advertising TV-campaign was even organized for it. Later, Burger King used TV marketing services to popularize its new products. The pride of the owners for their invention was so great that they changed the sign especially in honor of it. Instead of a boring black inscription, there was now a king who sits on a large appetizing burger, and next to it the inscription Home of the Whopper.

By the time it appeared in the Whopper menu, the restaurant already felt quite free on the market, had a stable income and regular customers. Edgherton and McLamore became tight within their native Florida, and they decided to expand. After thinking about how this could be done, entrepreneurs preferred franchising out of all possible business development concepts, as it required minimal investment and labor on their part. Thus, Burger King corp. was registered, and franchises of the institution appeared on sale.

It should be said that they were sold with great pleasure. After some 8 years, 275 Burger King points were opened throughout the U.S. The brand’s popularity grew at a huge pace, and in 1967, its founders suddenly decided that the time had come to get the most profit from their brainchild, and sold all rights to the Pillsbury brand. The price of the question is 18 million dollars.

The inexperience of the new owners in franchising led to the fact that the scheme simply gave a crack, and the network was on the verge of complete collapse. The fact is that the restaurants opened all over America were not united by a common concept. Clients were served in absolutely different ways, and TV advertising, in its turn, promised the opposite. In order to save the situation, one of the most successful managers of the main competitor, McDonald’s brand, was involved in the work. We managed to poach him, promising to give him absolute freedom in action.

In the hands of a competent manager with huge experience working with franchisees, Burger King has transformed beyond recognition. You can also buy gift cards at