If the interior is planned by a professional designer, he will create an image – to plan all the little things and details. But when we renovate the interior of the house by ourselves, we usually only solve global problems: select the color of the walls, new furniture designs, and light. If we even think about decorative cushions, it’s completely spontaneous – we buy a ready-made solution in a store, which causes an emotional response.

Make a plan

Working on the design, it is advisable to immediately plan the number of decorative pillows in the interior. It has nothing to do with anything, it’s just more convenient. Decide for yourself right away – how many and where the pillows will lie. If only in order to order the fabric in advance, and not to wait or not to pick up the right color or shade later. It is one thing if you make a total renovation of the interior textiles, and you can use the remnants of fabrics or rapture from the curtains or cutting to the bedspreads. And it is quite another matter when you want to mix patterns and colors, to combine them with already purchased furnishings. That’s when you absolutely have to order the fabric additionally. And a clear concept will save you time.

Come up with styles

Pillows can come in a variety of sizes, from large ones that you can sit on on the floor to small decorative ones. You may like turquoise decorative pillows. In addition to the design, which resembles a traditional (slightly reduced) pillow for sleeping, there are many modifications – round, elongated, square, heart-shaped. If in the case of furniture upholstery or seat covers there is still something that can hold you back, then to sew a decorative pillow can safely combine different patches – combine different fabrics in color, texture, pattern. Use wool, silk, linen, velvet. Pillows are made not only from fabric: you can use leather, fur, lace, and make a knitted pillow. In other words, you can use absolutely any material – the main thing is to correctly fit it into the environment.

Where do I start?

First of all, start with the mood. This is the main thing. Then critically evaluate the fabric you have planned for the cushions: will it be enough for the double-sided covers? If it is not enough – combine it with monochrome textile: the top of the cushion will be made of fabric with a pattern, the back – of another fabric. The classic rule is that the flap of fabric should be larger than the size of the supposed inner cushion. 

But what’s inside? If you do not have any base (the inside of the pillow) and you decide to make it with your own hands, buy sintepon or other material to fill it. Stuffing the decorative pillowcase is not right – the filler is put into the working (technical) cover: you will need it for the time of cleaning the decorative pillow. The working blanket is better to sew from cotton or any fabric with a cotton base. It can also be leftovers from something (even old throws). Decorative soft pillows are not usually filled with down or feather. But if it is absolutely crucial for you to use natural materials, you can choose another solution. If you want to buy an unusual pillow, it is worth looking at the dog pillow.