Few days before I am surfing over the internet for the tool which converts images to CSS and I got it too. It was fun to convert those images to CSS and to change the property of each pixel. well, I am doing it for fun but while doing that I think of making the same working tool. But when I started to build such a tool it was too much confusing still I have created it. The tool is useful for small images.

For bigger images, it lags due to it’s looping property. but don’t worry I will remove the error as soon as possible. At the current stage i.e. v1.0.0 the tool is unbelievably great. It has the options to adjust each pixel size as per your need. You can select the pixel size from 1 to 20. selecting the pixel size of 1 gives a sharp image but takes more time for conversion. the 20px size is fast to convert but not at all sharp. I will suggest all of you to just go with a pixel size of 3-8 so as to get the best results from it. Creating a tool was also fun. The tool has a huge script which I can’t explain even has lots of functions in it. The tool although displays the conversion result as soon as we upload the image for conversion. At the initial stage, I will suggest you save the work before using the tool as it may lack sometimes. but now it’s perfectly still keeping the safety is good.