DevOps services: outsourcing or not?

It is not a secret, that DevOps becomes a key to the success of modern IT companies. DevOps methodology allows a significant increase in efficiency with simultaneous cost-reduction. This methodology can bring a huge number of benefits like scaling, competitiveness and better teamwork. The majority of people used to consider DevOps as a combination of the developers and IT operators but this is a misconception.…

Why do law firms need a marketing plan?

Lawyers often understand the importance of a marketing plan, but do not take steps to implement it. You can sit in the same place for years and dream, but you cannot achieve results without real actions. If you have reached a certain level and there is no understanding where to go next; if your company has lowered profitability, if the work in the company goes,…

CSS tricks: useful snippets for your web project

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) has fundamentally changed the World Wide Web. Previously, the display instructions for layout, typography, etc. had to be painstakingly programmed into a website’s HTML document, but now the style sheet language is able to do it in a much shorter amount of time and has made the previous inflexible method a thing of the past.

Create sleek websites with attractive fonts

Times are a-changin’ in the world of typography, and it’s now easier than ever to find cool fonts to enhance your website with. Modern fonts allow web designers to be practically unlimited in their creativity. As a result, website owners are spoiled with the immense range of fonts that are now available; although the downside of this is that it can take longer to find…

CSS compression for consistent loading times

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language that helps website content and design settings (e.g. colors and layout) to be defined separately. The HTML and XML documents only contain information on the content, the internal structure, or individual website components, while the design elements are listed separately in CSS files.


Trying to stand out among all the internet clutter can seem such a daunting task. Especially when there is a ton, or two, of landing pages which all have the same goal in common – sending out a siren’s call to the potential customers and luring them to conversion.